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why do you have a teaspoon in your camera bag?

Ask me again when you are struggling with that last, fiddly button.

Can you explain your free engagement shoots. Are they really free? How does that work?

My engagement shoots are, and always will be free, with no obligation.

Marketing and business gurus claim that by giving stuff away you devalue it.  I disagree.  On your wedding day I don’t want you to have any doubt whatsoever in the type of person I am and the type of images I capture.

It’s cliche but you wouldn’t buy a new car without a test drive.  Why should I ask you to invest in me without a test shoot.

If you like me and if you love the images we create then hire me and all of the images are included in your wedding package.  If I am not the person for you then we part company with no hard feelings.

This is too important to get wrong – hiring your photographer is not a tick box exercise – make sure you get the right one.

(And ofcourse – these shoots really are AWESOME!)

but we're rubbish at having our photographs taken...

Well then this pre shoot is even more important. 

It is my job to help you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  Alot of my couples, almost all infact, tell me they feel uncomfrotable having their photographss taken, even the ones in my portfolio who look super chilled out.  But with gentle direction, not posing and nothing cheesy, you soon forget this is a shoot and sink into yourselves.  We go somewhere pretty, we explore, we chat, we shoot.  This  is when we get some really beautiful images. 


I get quite obsessive about back ups!  I have back up of my back ups and cloud copies uploaded within 24 hours of your day.

I have duplicate gear incase of technical hitches throughout the day.  My biggest fear would be theft but even that is mitigated against  – I save all images on dual memory cards and keep one set on me at all times, so if (please no) I was to loose a camera bag I would still have your days images safe and secure.  

Cameras and gear are insured – your images are irreplaceable.


Ofcourse. If you need copies of my indemnity for your venue I will happily provide them.


I belong to a large network of professional photographers who all cover each other.  If I was to become unwell (this has never happened yet…touch wood) then I will do my best to arrange cover for your day with a professional photographer with a similar style to my own.  


Most couples book me between 12-18 months in advance.

In order to secure your date I require a 25% deposit and the remainder of your balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding.

what if we want an album?

I love seeing my images printed.  I work closely with a small team in Scotland who produce all of my albums.  There is no time limit on when you neeed to order you albums by.  So if finances are stetched my advice would be to make sure you get the photographer who will capture the best images – don’t sweat about the album.  Albums and prints can be ordered further down the line, getting the images right however – we only get one chance.

DO YOU TRAVEL? (and do you charge?)

I absolutely do travel.  I will happily capture your day anywhere throughout the UK, infact anywhere in the world (but I cover that in a bit).

I do not charge mileage for UK weddings, however if you party hard and have a venue more than a couple of hours away from my home on the Cheshire-Flintshire border then I most likely will ask for a single nights accommodation in  a local travel or budget hotel, a maximum charge of £50.  I work really hard throughout the entire day and it just wouldn’t be safe to drive too far that late.

do you travel abroad?


Destination weddings tend to last a little bit longer and as such I offer three days photography services for the price of one.   I do ask for travel and board expenses to be met.

S I M P L Y   

B E A U T I F U L   


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