My Style

“What I love about photographs is that they capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Karl Lagerfield


Sarah Jane Edwards

The Karl Lagerfield quote sums up exactly what I love about photography.

The ability to capture memories.  To be able to re live them time after time.   I feel wedding photos are so important, they are documenting a wonderful event and your entire families reactions to it.  These memories not only last a life time but cross the generation gap and will highlight your life to your loved ones for years to come.

Sometimes photographs can capture events from a different perspective;  the tear in the eye of loved ones as vows are read, the squeeze of a hand or the playful antics of a three year old who thinks no one is watching.

I want to capture your whole story.  Images of the emotion of the day.  Real people, real memories, real love.

Photography has been my passion since my teenage years and people seem to love what I do.  I get inspiration from people.  I love facial expressions and the stories they can tell.  I love everything from the smallest detail to the largest crowd.  So much goes into organising a wedding, and it is my job to capture it all.

I also love gadgets.  I am obsessional about understanding the technical aspects of this craft, and honing my skills with new equipment and techniques.

On a personal note I have two mischievous children and a handsome but camera shy husband, all of whom keep me busy and help develop my skills, especially the kids as they are probably the most photographed children in the North West!

This site is honest and simple.  Browse my galleries, review my prices, if I am what you are looking for then get in touch.

Sarah Jane xx